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Corfu Teal Needle Shibori Maxi Kaftan Dress

Sale price$375.00

Our Corfu Teal Needle Shibori kaftan is what you would wear day in and day out during the summer in Corfu! Wish we were all so lucky to be in Corfu all summer!  This dress will absolutely "WOW" all those who see it and especially those who wear it!

The Shibori method of tie dye is world renowned for its beauty and its Japanese origins, but few people know that this technique has found a home with a unique set of artisans in India who have developed a unique twist: the “needle Shibori” method.  Pieces from our Needle Shibori collection integrate the Japanese roots of this technique with the South Asian influences that inspire our work at Pax Philomena.  

When you purchase and enjoy our Shibori kaftans, you don a gorgeous dress while knowing you are directly supporting the livelihoods of artisans who have given their heart and soul to their creations.  

Our mission at Pax is not only to bring beautiful clothing and happiness to our customers, but also to directly support the artisans who craft these items by hand in a time where so many true artists are being threatened by “fast fashion” and digital printing methods. 

The Needle Shibori method is detail-intensive and requires immense experience and skill. The artisans who create these dresses intentionally weave a needle in and out of the cloth hundreds of times in intricate patterns in order to create this unique pattern once the fabric is over dyed. The needle holes in fact form part of the pattern as well.

Due to the significant expertise required to create these beautiful pieces, many of our artisans have been trained in these methods since childhood and their families have been practicing these ancient techniques for many generations. Thank you for helping us help this timeless artistic tradition alive.

One size with drawstring waist

Length is 54"

100% cotton voile

Made in India

Machine wash delicate cold in a lingerie bag to protect tassels or hand wash. Hang dry. Washing this garment before wearing is recommended in order to prevent indigo dye from rubbing.

Corfu Teal Needle Shibori Maxi Kaftan Dress
Corfu Teal Needle Shibori Maxi Kaftan Dress Sale price$375.00