Ronnie Short Sleeve Men's Shirt


The Ronnie fabric is named after Jean Marie's AMAZING father Ronald who goes by the name of Ron, except when being addressed by his siblings in England who still call him Ronnie. He is the hippest octogenarian we know just like this fabric! Our Ronnie short sleeve shirt features a bold geometric splash of white concentric circles on a deep indigo background. It is created through the ancient dabu method of block printing. In this method the fabric begins as white, then a patterned block is dipped in mud and stamped onto the fabric. Next the entire piece is dipped in indigo dye, portions where the mud has been applied resist color penetration leaving the unique white circles. Pieces are then washed several times to remove excess dyes and mud.

100% cotton, machine wash cold, hang dry.

Mother of pearl buttons.

Indigo dye may rub or bleed on first wearing so it is recommend washing before first use. 

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