Manisha Black Men's Short Sleeve Shirt


This Manisha pattern in black is the first design that Jean Marie chose for Pax Philomena! It is a classic mini floral pattern block printed by hand on cotton voile (which is a lightweight fabric woven with fine cotton yarns).  This cotton voile is even more unique because it is detailed with hand sewn pin tucks to create vertical striping. This fabric is very difficult to make, as the fabric( after being pin tucked) is first dyed and then the colour is lifted out with the discharge method of block printing. Discharge printing requires that the printer, be highly skilled as whilst printing, he cannot see what he is doing. After finishing the fabric, the design comes to life.

Buttons are mother of pearl

100% cotton

Delicate machine wash cold, hang dry.

*This fabric is block printed by hand creating subtle variations in the pattern.  Each piece is a unique work of art worthy of honor and celebration.

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