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Rare Fire Opal Mala Necklace

Sale price$395.00 Regular price$495.00

Introducing our Rare Fire Opal Mala Necklace, a captivating embodiment of warmth and vibrancy, meticulously strung with a stunning gradation of fire opals. At the zenith, fiery red opals blaze with intensity, gracefully transitioning into the softer hues of orange and yellow, ultimately culminating in pure, luminescent white at the base. Each opulent bead, a testament to the natural beauty of fire opals, is carefully selected and handcrafted to create a seamless and enchanting spectrum of color.

Adding a unique twist to the design, the tassel features an inverted arrangement, beginning with the radiant white fire opals and gradually transitioning to the rich, fiery reds. This contrasting symmetry adds a dynamic visual element, symbolizing the interplay of opposites and the inherent balance found within the vibrant energy of fire opals. Some carnelians are sprinkled into the tassel to add extra healing energy.

Fire opals are hard to come by and are believed to harness the energy of passion and vitality, promoting creativity, courage, and emotional balance. These radiant gemstones are thought to ignite one's inner fire, stimulating enthusiasm and inspiring a zest for life.

Handmade in India 

Length 21" with tassel