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Denzil Men's Button Up Shirt Long Sleeves

Sale price$115.00

Full Sleeve Sizing Chart
Length 28 29 30 31
Chest 43 45 47 49
Waist 43 45 47 49
Shoulder 17.5 18 18.5 19
Sleeve Length 25.75 26 26.25 26.5

* All measurements are given in inches

Named after Jean Marie's late Uncle Denny, this piece features a traditional fish scale design hand printed onto fabric using the ancient dabu mud printing method. A lifelong appreciator of human ingenuity, Denny spent his life as an engineer traveling from India to Fiji to Great Britain. We hope you will appreciate the creativity and elegance of the dabu printing process as much as Denny did.

Through the dabu method, this fabric begins as white, then a patterned block is dipped in mud and stamped onto the fabric. The entire piece is then dipped in indigo dye, where the mud has been applied will resists color penetration. Pieces are then washed several times to remove excess dyes.

100% cotton,  machine wash cold, hang dry.

Made in India

*This fabric is block printed by hand creating subtle variations in the pattern.  Each piece is a unique work of art worthy of honor and celebration.

Denzil Men's Button Up Shirt Long Sleeves
Denzil Men's Button Up Shirt Long Sleeves Sale price$115.00