Primavera Italian Silk Midi Tunic


This stunning silk Pax tunic embodies all that is quintessentially spring in our beautiful Arizona desert. This Prickly Primavera pattern is printed in Italy on the finest of Italian silk crepe. The design is exclusive to Pax Philomena so you will only find it here. This dress is a must for any desert lover's wardrobe. It is the perfect outfit to wear in Ischia, Italy where the cacti resemble those of our Arizona desert. Tassels are hand beaded.

This tunic is guaranteed to make everyone smile, mostly she who wears it. It is luxurious, comfortable, and inimitable! This design is exclusive to Pax Philomena so you will find it only here!

Our Italian silk crepe is of the highest quality available, and is so luscious you will not want to ever take it off! 


Made in India 

100% Italian silk crepe. 

One size fits size 2-18

Bust is 52"

Length 39" 

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