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Cannes Cotton Ikat Maxi Kaftan One Available

Sale price$395.00

Our Cannes Cotton Ikat Maxi Kaftan dress is the perfect summer dress! This amazing fabric is completely handwoven with a combination of very fine cotton yarns, creating incredibly vibrant and beautiful colors. Ikat, meaning “to tie” or “to bind” in Indonesian, is an ancient dyeing technique involving the meticulous binding and dyeing of threads before weaving them into intricate patterns.

To appreciate this artistry, Jean Marie, the founder of Pax Philomena, embarked on a special journey to the vibrant villages in India where these are made. There, master artisans shared their time-honored techniques and stories, immersing threads in natural dyes to create these stunning fabrics.

This maxi dress can be worn anywhere to brighten people’s days. Imagine yourself in this colourful dress somewhere in the French Riviera! It’s guaranteed to make everyone smile, especially the wearer. Luxurious, comfortable, bright, and inimitable, this dress embodies effortless elegance.

Pax Philomena proudly supports the Indian artisans who keep this intricate Ikat craft alive.

Length: 54"

One size with adjustable drawstring waist.

Dry Clean recommended or hand wash in cold water.

Handwoven and made in India.

100% Cotton

Cannes Cotton Ikat Maxi Kaftan One Available
Cannes Cotton Ikat Maxi Kaftan One Available Sale price$395.00