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African Opal Mala Necklace ONLY ONE AVAILABLE

Sale price$475.00

Indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of our African Opal Mala with chrysoprase tassel, a handcrafted masterpiece that captures the essence of serenity and elegance. This exquisite mala features hand-cut oval African opal beads, each one unique in its natural coloring and patterns, offering a soothing, earthy palette that calms the spirit.

The focal point of this mala is the small yet intricately designed tassel, where finely cut chrysoprase beads come together to create a dazzling display of sparkle and vibrant green hues. Chrysoprase is known for its rejuvenating energy and connection to the heart chakra, making it a perfect complement to the grounding qualities of African opal.

Whether used as a meditation tool or worn as a statement accessory, this African Opal Mala with its sparkling chrysoprase tassel is a versatile piece that effortlessly combines the beauty of nature's gemstones with the artistry of handcraftsmanship. Adorn yourself with this mala to experience serenity, elegance, and the radiant energy of chrysoprase. It's a wearable work of art that invites you to embrace mindfulness and the captivating allure of African opal and chrysoprase.

Our malas pair beautifully with the entire Pax Philomena collection from kaftans to tunics. We love them for their lightweight feel and their ability to be layered. They bring the perfect splash of colour and spirituality to your outfit. 

Hand Made in India

Length is 21" including tassel

African Opal Mala Necklace ONLY ONE AVAILABLE
African Opal Mala Necklace ONLY ONE AVAILABLE Sale price$475.00