Viola Vita Italian Silk Midi Tunic


Viola, means purple in Italian, however VIOLA as a word sounds so much better than purple! Hence, meet our Viola Vita Italian Silk Tunic which infuses a rich viola colour with shades of lime green to create this stunningly exciting, and unexpected combination of colours! This transitional ikat patterned tunic is certain to be one of the most luxurious additions to any wardrobe.  Our silk is so luscious that once on, one never wants to take it off! Wear this tunic on it's own as a midi dress, or over your favourite pair of jeans!

Our Italian silk crepe is of the highest quality available, and is so luscious you will not want to ever take it off! 


Made in India 

100% Italian silk crepe.

One size fits size 2-18

Bust is 52"

Length 39" 

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