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Article: Villa D'Este - Bring Pax Philomena on Vacation!

Villa D'Este - Bring Pax Philomena on Vacation!

Villa D'Este - Bring Pax Philomena on Vacation!

Lake Como, Italy

Villa D'Este

Private boat tours, casual and elegant dining, 25 acres of land with a scenic view of Lake Como; Villa D’Este is a luxurious resort located in Lake Como, Italy. A classic destination to relax, delight, and look effortlessly fashionable. Jean Marie Clarke, Founder and CEO of Pax Philomena, frequents Villa D’Este and references this resort as her favorite and ideal location to wear her brand. Here we share with you how Pax Philomena facilitates joy and confidence into your resort wear experience. 

"It's never a crime to be elegant." - Jean Marie Clarke

Jean Marie will tell you herself that Pax Philomena has everything you need for resort wear. From our silk and cotton kaftans to our pareos, blouses and more we embody that comfortable yet chic style with a unique look that is perfect for any resort event. 

For a lightweight and soft feel, our 100% cotton Kaftan dresses are made just for you in three different lengths (short, midi, maxi). These dresses are block printed by hand, giving comfort and a vibrant design to your resort outfits. Check out the process of our Frida Floral Maxi here. Wear these dresses for a casual dinner or in this case, a private boat ride on Lake Como, and we guarantee you’ll leave an impression in our one-of-a-kind kaftans. 

If you’re looking for an elegant style, our Silk Dresses will give you that luxurious look with our exclusively designed prints. If it’s for a night out, a fancy dinner, or just to feel glamorous, wearing one of our silk dresses will give you a sleek and beautiful look to any resort occasion. Pictured below is Jean Marie wearing our Mare Bello Italian Silk Maxi Dress by Lake Como, a design you can only find at Pax Philomena. 

Try one of our silk midi or Silk Short Dresses to infuse both an effortless and stunning look to your packing list, and you will be looking just as fabulous and blissful as Jean Marie featured below wearing our Prima Donna Italian Silk Midi Dress. Our silk midi and short dresses are long enough in length to wear as a dress or pair with jeans, giving you the best of both worlds.

Want an extra layer that will add to these aesthetics? Our reversible Kimono Coats, made with 100% boiled wool provide you with comfort and style. Jean Marie, pictured below relaxing by Villa D’Este’s resort pool, has paired the Piccadilly Paisley Kimono perfectly with our Elegante Vita Italian Silk Short Dress demonstrating how our Kimono coats are a durable and lightweight coat that can be worn anywhere at any time. Whether it is a trip to Villa D’Este or any resort,  Pax Philomena has just what you need to enhance your style wherever you go. Bring one of our Kaftans, Kimonos, Pareos or all three to your next resort trip so you can have an elevated experience inside and out. 



This dress will be your go to on your next vacation! No matter the destination, our Mare Bello Italian Silk Maxi is sure to turn heads!


Our Prima Donna Midi is perfect for your morning walks around the resort, exploring all it has to offer.


Jean Marie lounging by the pool and enjoying the breathtaking views of Lake Como! She paired this silk with our Piccadilly Paisley kimono!

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