The Indigo Sun Pendant ANTIQUE ONE OF A KIND


The Indigo Sun Pendant from our one-of-a-kind Precious Pax collection is defined by a glorious combination of intricate silver work, ancient Indian glass, and piercing colors. This incredible pendant exudes solar energy from the radiant, amber-crystalline orb at its core.  This glorious centerpiece is adorned with the enthralling indigo petals that bring elegance and definition to the overall color scheme of the pendant.  The silver decorations tha hang from the bottom four petals add a tribal and celebratory element that defines these antique stylings.  

Our Precious Pax collection contains a specially curated selection of antique tribal jewelry with ancient roots in the Indian region of Rajasthan.  Each piece in our collection is hand crafted using an artisanal style that has been passed down through families and communities for many generations.  These beautiful pieces are built by hand with intricately designed silver work bejeweled with stunning pieces of vintage colored glass dating back centuries.  

Each piece is one of a kind both artistically and symbolically as many of these pieces held sacred meaning in important religious rituals and ceremonies; from weddings to holy celebrations, the pieces in our collection are truly "precious"!

Measures 2.5" x 4" including baubles

Estimated Age 50-80 years

Comes with 15.5" pyrite chain

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