Paramount Paisley Boiled Wool Kimono Coat ONLY ONE AVAILABLE


This gorgeous Parmount Paisley kimono coat is sure to make an impact wherever you wear it. It is extremely soft, super lightweight, and wonderfully fun to wear over just about anything! The best part about it is that it goes over all of our PAX dress silhouettes. It flatters every figure and every height. We only could get a few so you are not likely to run into anyone else wearing this gorgeous work of art!

As it is reversible, you get two completely different coats in one!

For some context, the use of boiled wool in clothing dates back multiple millennia and there is a good reason for this; boiled wool has such a special place in human history because of its versatility, its comfort, and it's durability and we are sure you will enjoy our modern application of this historic material. Boiled wool is also not prone to wrinkling so you can scrunch it up in your bag and take it wherever you go!

One size 

100% boiled wool

Made in India

Dry Clean

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