Paani Amer Aqua Maxi Kaftan Dress


This traditional hand block printed Indian floral print makes for the perfect spring or summer dress!  We call it Paani Amer as the floral print motif is taken from the beautiful Amer Fort in Jaipur and Paani is the word for water in Hindi. This design is especially impressive because of the intricacy of the print. Notice the details! It is a very difficult print to make as it is done with the discharge method of block printing. In short, the colours are not realized until after the fabric is printed and washed. The block printer cannot see what he/she is printing until the fabric has been completely processed. Hence very skilled artisans are required.

100% Cotton Voile

54" Length

One size with adjustable drawstring waist

Delicate cold wash in a lingerie bag to protect tassels or hand wash. Hang dry. 

Made in India

This fabric is block printed by hand creating subtle variations in the pattern.  Each piece is a unique work of art worthy of honor and celebration.

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