Emerald Antique Green Glass and Silver Choker Necklace -ONE OF A KIND


Our Precious Pax collection contains a specially curated selection of vintage Indian tribal jewelry. Today in India these pieces are harder and harder to find as the Bollywood actresses love them and snatch them up as soon as they find them.

This antique emerald green glass and silver necklace from our one-of-a-kind Precious Pax collection, is defined by a stunning combination of colorful beauty and extremely detailed silver work.  The traditional Indian stylings of the silver serve as a frame for the stunning opulence of the emerald glass that studs the entire necklace. The black cotton thread is traditionally how this necklace would have been worn. It is adjustable so will fit all neck sizes, and can be used as a choker or allowed to sit lower depending on your preference. Either way, it hangs beautifully and compliments a variety of styles and looks.

Each piece in our collection is hand crafted using an artisanal style that has been passed down through families and communities for many generations.  These beautiful pieces have intricately designed silver work which is bejeweled with stunning pieces of vintage colored glass.

Estimated age 50-80 years

Adjustable cotton thread 

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