Crescent Kaleidoscope Pendant (ANTIQUE ONE OF A KIND)


The Crescent Kaleidoscope Pendant from our one-of-a-kind Precious Pax collection is defined by a stunning combination of intricate silver work and incredible color.  This stunning pendant combines an ancient eye for color with the beautiful natural shapes and patterns of tribal art.  The symmetrically dispersed crescent moons help create the "mandala effect" that allows this pendant to inspire peace and harmony in the eye of the beholder (and the heart of the wearer!).  The pinks, blues, reds, greens, and yellows are piercing in their authentic, ancient depth; a sight for sore eyes in a world dominated by overwhelming and synthetic color ways.  

Our Precious Pax collection contains a specially curated selection of antique tribal jewelry with ancient roots in the Indian region of Rajasthan.  Each piece in our collection is hand crafted using an artisanal style that has been passed down through families and communities for many generations.  These beautiful pieces are made by hand with intricately designed silver work bejeweled with stunning pieces of vintage colored glass representing a tradition that dates back centuries.  

Approximate age is 50-80 years

Comes with a 15.5"  pyrite chain. 

Pendant measures about  4" in length( including the silver baubles ) by 2" in width

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