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Coral Heishi Necklace Santo Domingo

Sale price$165.00


Presenting our exclusive Native American Coral heishi necklace, a radiant embodiment of tradition and craftsmanship. This captivating piece features a seamless blend of warm coral stones, meticulously handcrafted by a skilled Native American female artisan from the Santo Domingo Pueblo.

The necklace's design symbolizes the fusion of cultural richness with contemporary elegance. Each stone is meticulously chosen and arranged, showcasing the artistry and dedication of its creator. The warm coral stones add a touch of timeless allure to this remarkable necklace.

Wear this Native American Heishi Necklace with pride, knowing that it celebrates heritage and showcases the unique artistry of its creators. Let each stone resonate with the story of culture, connection, and individuality, making this necklace a cherished and meaningful addition to your collection.

Made in New Mexico, USA 

Kingman Turquoise Dragonfly Silver pendant is sold separately. Silver bale is available upon request. 

4 strands

9 1/2 inches long with clasp
Coral Heishi  Necklace Santo Domingo
Coral Heishi Necklace Santo Domingo Sale price$165.00