Boho Brown Floral Maxi Kaftan Dress FINAL SALE

$99 $265
Our Boho Brown kaftan can take you back to a time of casual, comfortable chic. Often called the beat generation, 'Bohemian' was used to describe a culture that existed in New York City in the mid-50s. Those crazy kids were known for their creativity, many being skilled artists, poets, or musicians. They might have owned more books than dresses, but we won't shame them for that.

Today's Boho style is meant to be playful, and our Boho Brown is certainly that. Consisting of neutral colors and warm shades that merge with effortless, relaxed fashion reminiscent of the 70s hippie chick.  This dress is for the woman who is just as comfortable being barefoot as she is in Prada shoes.  She is skilled at accessorizing and knows how to make a casual dress upscale and how to kick off her shoes and play in the grass. (play on the beach/). 

One size with drawstring waist

Length is 54"

100% cotton

Made in India

Machine wash delicate cold in a lingerie bag to protect tassels or hand wash. Hang dry. 

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