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Indigo Dyeing

In a world dominated by mass-produced fashion statements and technologically automated manufacturing processes, PAX PHILOMENA has set out to bring people clothing which is authentic, gorgeous, and deeply rooted in the historical evolution of humanity. As part of this mission, many of the line’s items have been produced using an ancient process called “Indigo dyeing.” Indigo is one of the world’s most amazing colors. Aesthetically, it soothes the human soul that gets lost within its mysterious blue depths.

Culturally, Indigo has been associated with the power of human wisdom and intuition since ancient civilizations first extracted it from the flowers and leaves of the natural world. Traditionally, it has been passed down through families and communities signifying unity, solidarity, and ancestral respect. While the color is amazing, the process of dyeing clothing and textiles with Indigo is even more fascinating. The first major center of Indigo production was India, however, the powerful practice of Indigo dyeing quickly caught the attention of traveling merchants and it began to spread throughout the worlds of the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

This ancient tradition, as relevant in the 21st century as it was in the 15th, has naturally sustained itself by inspiring humans across cultures and historical epochs. Once you experience the power of this picturesque pigmentation, perhaps you will be able to understand its historical significance for yourself.