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Silver Dragonfly Sleeping Beauty and Royston

Sale price$1,048.00

Introducing our Navajo Dragonfly Sterling Silver Pendant, a captivating blend of artistry and the timeless allure of Sleeping Beauty and Royston turquoise. Skillfully tufa cast by a Navajo artisan, this exceptional piece takes on the iconic dragonfly shape using sterling silver.

What sets this dragonfly apart is the enchanting combination of two stones – Sleeping Beauty and Royston turquoise – adorning its back. These substantial pieces boast rich and captivating hues, reminiscent of the vibrant colors found in the Southwest. They infuse a touch of nature's elegance and a burst of captivating colors into the sterling silver composition.

Notably, the inclusion of Sleeping Beauty turquoise makes this piece even more extraordinary, as Sleeping Beauty turquoise is renowned for its rarity and scarcity. Obtaining this rare stone is a challenging feat, adding a layer of exclusivity to this exquisite pendant.

The dragonfly, revered as a symbol of transformation and adaptability in Native American traditions, is meticulously detailed in the design, capturing the essence of nature's delicate wonders. This versatile piece can be worn both as a pin and a pendant, allowing you to express your unique style.

Whether chosen for its symbolism, rarity, or as a testament to artistry, the Navajo Dragonfly Sterling Silver Pin transcends mere jewelry - it's a wearable masterpiece that honors tradition, culture, and the enduring charm of sterling silver and the elusive Sleeping Beauty and Royston turquoise. Embrace the spirit of the dragonfly with grace and elegance as you adorn yourself with this extraordinary and rare piece.

Made in USA

Sold without leather necklace

 3" - Height

Silver Dragonfly Sleeping Beauty and Royston
Silver Dragonfly Sleeping Beauty and Royston Sale price$1,048.00