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Ruhi Cotton Vintage Quilted Kantha Coat ONE OF KIND

Sale price$957.00

Delve into the rich heritage of Kantha fabric from Bengal, India a testament to centuries-old resilience and creativity among rural women. Through intricate stitching, Kantha transforms humble rags into objects of beauty and utility, symbolizing renewal and intergenerational knowledge. Its significance transcends social barriers, reflecting deep-rooted community ties.

Pax Philomena pays homage to this legacy by supporting traditional artisans. Each unique piece not only showcases exquisite textiles but also preserves West Bengal's cultural essence.

This Ruhi Kantha coat is ONE OF A KIND, it was made from a Kantha quilt, into this unique coat. You will never see another one like it ANYWHERE. This coat will be your new travel companion,  you can wear it everywhere and anywhere! It can be thrown on over anything to elevate your look! Get ready for compliments!

This coat is completely reversible so you get two in one with pockets on each side!

Length: 43.5


One size 


100% Cotton Repurposed Kantha fabric

Made in India


Machine wash cold separately on a delicate cycle. Hang dry.