Bellano Cotton Ikat Mermaid Dress


The Bellano Ikat Mermaid dress is a stunning and elegant garment that showcases the beauty of the double ikat weaving technique. Made from high-quality cotton fabric, this dress offers a luxurious feel and breathability, making it comfortable to wear for various occasions.

In double ikat fabric, both the warp and weft threads are resist-dyed before weaving. This means that the pattern is created by carefully aligning the dyed yarns during the weaving process, resulting in a complex and precise design. Double ikat weaving requires exceptional skill and precision, as the weaver must align the patterns of both the warp and weft threads perfectly.

The Bellano's perfect combination of exquisite craftsmanship, comfortable cotton fabric, and captivating patterns make it a versatile and timeless piece for any wardrobe.

Runs true to size. Model wearing size small.

S /  38" chest / 38" waist / 41" hip

M / 40" chest / 40" waist / 43" hip

LG / 42" chest / 42" waist / 45" hip

XL / 44" chest / 44" waist / 47" hip

50.5" length 

100% Cotton


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