Sarah Tunic


Named for one of Pax Philomena's best friends, this is a piece from our very first original collection. The Sarah features a traditional yet bold contemporary floral design block printed by hand on fine Indian cotton. This unique fabric is created through the ancient dabu method of block printing. In this method fabric begins as white, then a patterned block is dipped in mud and stamped onto the fabric. Next the entire piece is dipped in indigo dye, portions where the mud has been applied will resist color penetration leaving the floral design intact. Pieces are then washed several times to remove excess dyes and mud. 

100% cotton, machine wash cold delicate or hand wash cold, hang dry.

*This fabric is block printed by hand creating subtle variations in the pattern.  Each piece is a unique work of art worthy of honor and celebration.

Washing this garment before wearing is recommended in order to prevent indigo dye from rubbing or transferring.  


Sorry, this product is on backorder.

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