Aphrodite Indigo Maxi Kaftan Dress FINAL SALE

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Powerful and mischievous, Aphrodite reigned as the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, and desire. Mythology tells us she was born near the island of Cyprus rising out of the sea foam after the Titan Cronus attacked Uranus. Our new Aphrodite kaftan dress could not have a better name.

Aphrodite, more than a mere goddess could entice both men and gods into lust-filled affairs. Our Aphrodite kaftan dress echos her lusty past. The Indigo blue of ocean water with white sea foam seems to mirror the motion of the ocean waves, where Aphrodite was born. The pomegranates, symbols of temptation and fertility, resonate with the mythological belief that Aphrodite planted the first pomegranate tree. Pomegranates, long known to increase virility, have often been considered an aphrodisiac. Historically the potent fruit has been presented as a gift to newlyweds.

This block print dress uses natural indigo dye. Considered the King of Dyes it has been used in Asia for over 4000 years. The deep purplish-blue comes from the Indigofera plant, or Neel plant in Sanskrit, and today's extraction process is very similar to ancient methods. Indigo is a dye loved and used worldwide.

One size with drawstring waist

Length is 54"

100% cotton

Made in India

Machine wash delicate cold in a lingerie bag to protect tassels or hand wash. Hang dry. 

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